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How Is Your Company Sourcing Suppliers and Meeting Trade Solutions Needs?

One challenge that many companies face is finding the best suppliers to meet their needs. In a global economy, the opportunities can expand greatly, but finding the right suppliers can be problematic. We can help solve those problems with our trusted Import Export Business Consulting Services, and so much more!

We work hand-in-hand with our most trusted partners who can assist you in finding reliable suppliers to meet your unique requirements. We understand the complex world of international trade and can assist you in finding cost-effective sourcing solutions to your company. TradeLogic International is your partner in Import Export Business Consulting!

Does Your Company Need Educational Resources or Training?

The United States Customs division expects importers and exporters to have a solid, working knowledge of the rules and regulations that apply to their imported or exported shipments. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse as far as Customs is concerned! That’s why importers and exporters are expected to take the necessary steps to understand the rules and apply the myriad of regulations that may pertain to their products. Compliance with U.S. Customs is a requirement. It is not a suggestion.

TradeLogic offers a number of informative webinars and web-based training opportunities, year-round. If you have need of Educational Training, we can be a valuable, accessible resource! Please contact us by phone or by e-mail, and notify us of your interest in these training opportunities. We’ll get you our training and educational webinar schedule ASAP, and keep you informed when they are next available.

Do You Need Assistance Understanding and Attaining Trade Compliance?

With the full rollout of Customs’ new Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system in early 2016, U.S. Customs and their partner government agencies (PGA) will have the ability to better ensure that shipments meet the requirements of the rules and regulations that pertain to those imports. Importers should act now to make sure their imports are in compliance to avoid delays or penalties.

TradeLogic will work with your company to assist you in ensuring compliance. No matter what type of product you import, we are experienced and ready to help. With over 40 U.S. government agencies having regulations that may apply to import shipments, we are ready to help you cut through the red tape and understand what is required of your company. We are your top Import Export Business Consulting resource! Call for a FREE Analysis today!

Does Your Company Need Reliable, Expert-Level Cost Analysis?

Many importers are losing profits through mistakes made throughout the import process. TradeLogic International can help your company find those opportunities to save money and help your company increase profitability. We utilize our knowledge and experience to analyze your processes throughout the supply chain and suggest actions you can take to reduce costs and streamline importing and exporting procedures. We offer a no-cost, no-obligation analysis to help your company get started. Contact us today to get started!

Are you a Trusted Partner with U.S. Customs? Would You Like to Gain CTPAT Compliance?

CTPAT Compliance began as a direct response to the terrorist attacks on United States soil during 9/11. Today, U.S. Customs is strongly encouraging importers to reach “trusted partners” status through CTPAT Certification. Companies that are considered trusted partners are those who work with Customs to help ensure the security of their supply chain, and practice due diligence to make certain they are compliant with all Customs’ rules and regulations.

TradeLogic International can help your company become a “Trusted Partner” and enjoy the many benefits U.S. Customs offers to these partners. Customs has indicated that companies who obtain trusted status may enjoy fewer costly exams and delays, among many other benefits.

Don’t wait until your company faces Customs audits, penalties, or holdups, because it’s easy to contact us today for advice and assistance with CTPAT Certification and Compliance.

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