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What does C-TPAT training involve?

C-TPAT Training

TradeLogic International is here to answer all your questions about C-TPAT Certification, including what is involved with C-TPAT Training.

C-TPAT Training Involves Commitment to U.S. Safety, and More – Contact TradeLogic International

In the years since the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, huge strides have been made to logically and systematically keep our country as safe as possible, while rewarding International Shipping companies in the U.S. who go the extra mile to fulfill their civic duties. If you are an importer, exporter, supplier, carrier, or you have another direct tie to international shipping and receiving, it has become increasingly important to attain good standing with C-TPAT administration. C-TPAT Training with an expert organization like TradeLogic International can move you a huge step closer to meeting C-TPAT requirements, attaining C-TPAT Certification, and even gaining “Trusted Trader” status with the CBP. These are the kinds of successes that could really move your business interests forward in today’s global marketplace. But you can’t even begin the process effectively without world-class training for an experience C-TPAT Training Organization like TradeLogic International.

C-TPAT Training with TradeLogic International Includes Front-End Certification, and Back-End Function

Have you ever attained certification for a program or interface, but not really understood what to do with your newfound knowledge? Many individuals, businesses, and organizations have faced that very problem once they’ve attained C-TPAT Certification. If you’ve consulted with a third-party training provider to help you meet C-TPAT Requirements and hopefully attain fully accredited C-TPAT Certification, it’s important to make sure they not only prepare you for passing certification tests, but also equip you to utilize the C-TPAT Portal. It’s a disservice to you, and to the entire Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, to only show you how to check off the accreditation box without properly training you on how to use the program. That’s why TradeLogic International goes the extra mile to help ensure that you know the ins and outs of C-TPAT Certification, as well as how to best utilize the program.

What Should I Expect from C-TPAT Certification Training from TradeLogic International?

When you partner with TradeLogic International for C-TPAT Training, you should expect to be well equipped with all the knowledge and application principles you need to attain C-TPAT Certification, to keep that certification, and to work towards the “Trusted Traders” designation. Once you have attained these certifications and designations, you can expect some great things for your company, including but not limited to:

  • Faster International Shipping
  • Fewer Customs Examinations
  • Fewer Border Patrol Delays
  • Better Lead Time Prediction
  • Fewer Customs Penalties
  • Lower Shipping Insurance Rates
  • More Satisfied Customers
  • Higher Income Diversity
  • Better Support of National Security

And many more benefits! Call or contact TradeLogic International today, and get started on your C-TPAT Training, C-TPAT Certification, and more! We are the Logical Solution for International Trade!


“I have known Steve Fodor for over 25 years and can say any company that works with him and his company is making a wise choice.  He is the most knowledgeable broker I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and his knowledge is matched only by his customer service skills."

Andy Heller,
President, Hybrid International Forwarding