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C-TPAT Certification


You know that C-TPAT Certification is important, but did you know that Trade Logic International offers training, certification, and more?

You or Your Business Can Become C-TPAT Certified ASAP with TradeLogic International!

In the aftermath of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks on the United States, supply chain security has been a major topic of concern. One of the big steps that the U.S. Government took to ensure safe practices for importing was to implement the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. While it’s not an official requirement to acquire CTPAT Certification, it is an outstanding idea for businesses who wish to import goods into the United States. It’s difficult for international companies to grow and thrive unless they are officially designated as “low risk” by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. TradeLogic International can help your business become officially CTPAT Certified, and all aspects of the CTPAT program. Contact our professional team today, and see what TradeLogic International can do for you.

How Do I Get C-TPAT Certified?

If your business is in need of CTPAT Certification, TradeLogic International is here for you. We help your company meet all C-TPAT Requirements necessary to keep your supply chain secure. We guide you through the entire application process and have been successful in helping a number of companies get certified in the past year.

What Do I Do Once I’m Certified?

Certified companies need to take steps to ensure that their supply chain stays secure and that they are actively improving their processes and procedures to address security issues and threats. TradeLogic will help you get certified and maintain your certification.

What is the C-TPAT Program?

Being a certified CTPAT participant means that your company is monitoring your supply chain and quickly identifying and addresses any threats or weaknesses that are found. The CTPAT program is all about verification and documentation as CBP relies on their certified partners to self-audit and make improvements on a regular basis.

What does C-TPAT training involve?

CBP requires that certified companies actively train their employees to help their employees identify security risks and to bring those risks to the attention of the management team. TradeLogic offers web-based training that will help your company meet this requirement.

C-TPAT Best Practices

TradeLogic International will help your company identify supply chain security steps you can take that may qualify as “best practices.” Companies who are identified by CBP as having created “best practices” can gain a higher level of CTPAT certification than others.

Customs Brokerage

Not only is TradeLogic International a premier CTPAT  Certification service, but we also have the expertise to help you with Customs Clearance, Trade Compliance, Cargo Insurance, Duty Drawback, Customs Bonds, and so much more! Contact us today!


“I have known Steve Fodor for over 25 years and can say any company that works with him and his company is making a wise choice.  He is the most knowledgeable broker I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and his knowledge is matched only by his customer service skills."

Andy Heller,
President, Hybrid International Forwarding