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Are you shipping by Air or Ocean? TradeLogic can assist you with your transportation process by identifying cost-savings and streamlining of the process. We analyze your current transportation services and work with you to find the solutions that best fit your company’s needs.

There can be many hidden costs and bottlenecks in your supply chain but with our knowledge and expertise we can help locate these problem areas and offer you cost and time saving alternatives

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Are you reaching the global market? U.S. companies export almost $2.5 trillion in goods and services each year. If you are looking to grow your export revenues TradeLogic can help.

Working with our trusted partners we can offer cost-competitive air and ocean export transportation services to practically any country in the world. With partners in over 100 countries, TradeLogic has the global reach your company needs.

Our focus is on your company and its unique needs. Contact us today at so that we can help your company reach consumers worldwide.

3PL Services

Are you working efficiently? TradeLogic International works with partners throughout the U.S. to help our customers efficiently reach their customers. Utilizing our Third Party Logistics Services we can help you reduce shipping costs and reach your customers in a more timely manner. Whatever products you import we can help.

By using TradeLogic’s 3PL Services you can reduce costs by only paying for the space you need as you need it. We offer many shipping options from our warehouses to your customers’ door and you will have the ability to monitor your inventory and your deliveries.

No company is the same and TradeLogic works with you to find the solutions that best fit your business model. Contact us today at for more information.


“I have known Steve Fodor for over 25 years and can say any company that works with him and his company is making a wise choice.  He is the most knowledgeable broker I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and his knowledge is matched only by his customer service skills."

Andy Heller,
President, Hybrid International Forwarding